Friday, May 2, 2014

Easter Crochet 2014

Easter Doll 2014
This is the largest doll I have made to date. I was surprised just how big it is.
When I found the pattern it was only published in Turkish, I think, but the designer then released it in English, kinda. It isn't a written pattern and you MUST understand how to make a doll to really make this a good looking doll.
I found the doll it this blog.  but can't find the English sheet. Guess it's a good thing I downloaded it when I did.
As you can see the doll is at least 21 inches long.
It needed clothes.

It only has a wig, no hair. I really don't care for nude dolls.
Easter was coming and she needed something to wear along with some hair.
Using eyelash yarn hair was given to the doll in my personal favorite hairstyle,
The Mullet.

This dress was created with a combination of patterns. The top of the dress is a Beth Webber design. Found here, Comfort and Joy
The bottom of the dress is worked in Morning Glory Barbie Dress.
You will need to scroll down the page a bit.
The name of the blog is Lullaby and Lace. It has many nice patterns.
Not much else,
Hope your Spring is filled with the pleasant smell of wildflowers.
til next time.
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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doll Long Pants in crochet.

Doll Long Pants in crochet. 

This pattern has not been tested.
The doll pants were worked for is the amigurumi-curly-hair-doll, which worked up about 20" tall. Much larger than I realized.
I also used this pattern as a reference to work the pants.
I worked this as I needed it hope you enjoy working it.
Knowledge of crochet stitches a must.
Not quite Intermediate but more advanced that Beginner

Yarn: Worsted Weight, Medium, 4

Hook: G - 4.25 mm



Slip stitch: sl st

Single crochet: sc

Half double crochet: hdc

Space: sp

Stitch markers.
You will need several to mark stitches when you begin the legs.

This pattern is worked in the round. From the waist down.

To begin:

Ch 50, keeping the chain from twisting, join with a sl st, ch 1,
(now here is a tricky part, I work 1 sc in the back hump of each ch, you work the ch anyway that works for you.)

Rnd 1
: sc in the join, place a marker, (moving marker as you work the 1st st of next round) sc in each ch around. Join, ch 1 (50 sc)

Rnd 2: hdc in the join, place a marker in the top of the hdc (in the join), hdc in the next st, *ch 2, skip the next st,, hdc in the next 2 sc, *around, to the last 2 sc; ch 2, sk next sc, hdc in the last sc, join to the top of the hdc in the join of the previous row with marker. Ch 1.

Rnd 3: sc in the join, sc in the next, 1 sc in the ch 2 sp, around. After sc in the last ch 2, join with, sc in 1st sc of previous round. (We will be working in rounds, without joins.) (50 sc)

Rnds 4- 6: sc around. Placing marker in 1st sc to mark beginning of the round.
                  (50 sc)

Rnd 7: sc 4, 2 sc in the next, around. (65 sc)
Rnds 8-14: Sc in each st, around, (replacing marker in 1st st to mark beginning of rounds.) (65 sc)

Rnd 15: Ch 5, count 30 sts, from 1st marker, place “another marker” in the 30th st, join with a sc in the 30th st, not twisting the ch, work sc in each st back to the first marker. (5 ch) (30 sc)

 The first marker will be the first sc of the other leg. So the stitches work in the same direction.

I use a different color marker here, so I remember where I begin the other leg. I use a safety pin.

You are now beginning the legs.

Rnd 16: Placing a marker in the last sc of round just worked, sc in the side loop of the chain, keeping the other side of the chain free, it is needed for the other leg.
Sc in each st around back to the marker. (35 sc)

Rnd 17-40: Continue working sc even. Moving marker as you work down the leg.

Do not finish off.

To finish the pant leg; Working around the sc of previous round, sl st, around each sc to make a nice edging, Finish off and weave ends. Makes a nice finished edge.

For second leg: Attach with a sc in the stitch to begin the next leg, (where I used the safety pin), working sc in each around to the 4 ch, where you work the opposite side, back to the safety pin.

Continue working as Rounds 17-40.

Note: my count could be off, as I am not a pattern writer. I was asked to share this and did the best I could.

til next time.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Really, really!
Just wanted to share, I think it's funny,
and if you knew me personally,
you would never guess,
I do Crochet.
til next time.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What in the world is a Minion and you want me to make what?

My grandson wasn't real sure about this. I think it may have scared him at first.
I got a call from my Son wanting to know if I could make one of these for his grand~daughter, of coarse, anything for the grand~kids. As I posted a picture on my facebook a friend wanted a couple of them, now I'm working as fast as my hands will let me,(neck is aching a bit too). 

I used a pattern from Crochet Magazine, but got it from Ravelry.
Find it here> Neon Bright Sweater Set
I used the stitch, red heart bright yellow and blue. I decrease on the sleeves so they tapered.

The hat pattern, you can find here>The Eyes Have It Beanie

I used a G hook, and the kids love them.

Don't forget the Pannana's

God Bless

til next time
wild clover

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Windsor Blue Golf Cap

A couple weeks ago in the middle of making Minnion hats and sweaters, I came across this pattern and liked it. My Son liked it too, I told him Christmas.
I used a smaller hook (G), and the hat seemed to be a managable size. It came out great.
You can find the pattern here: Boys Cabled Golf Cap Pattern
Probably going to make a few more.
God Bless
til next time,
wild clover
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Pineapple Square Throw

Throw for Bride and Groom
I liked the pattern and think it will make a nice throw for a couple I know getting married this summer.
There are a few corrections to this pattern even though, Red Heart hasn't updated it yet.
I and others found some errors with this pattern.
This is how I corrected mine.

ROUND 3: A “4-dc”, after the begining 4-dc, will have "5"  loops on the hook.
ROUND 8: There is no sc in the previous round, “ch 2, dc, in same st as ch 2”, continue as written.

Hope this helps.

til next time,

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Granny Square Rose Afghan~Barbie size

Fancy Afghan

I wanted the new bed to have a nice afghan, even made a couple throw pillows from leftover granny's.

Now to make another bed for the second Barbie, and to find a LARGE box to make rooms for the Barbies to live in.

Gotta go

til next time,

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