Friday, September 9, 2016


Jamming months of handiwork into a single post cuz I'm busy, 
jamming handiwork. lol
August 2016 Project

Like most folks my age, we have lived long enough we like the handiness of running to the basement or laundry room and working up some dirty clothes and drying them at our leisure. 
Oh, the bucket, we use powder, sometimes, and have these leftover, with the craft room so close to the washer, just made sense to use the bucket for yarn and the smell is awesome.
Even better if you take it with you to crochet or work a project, no need to worry about spills, getting dirty or losing something if to place the lid on it.

Next Project August 2016

Crochet Ox and Lambs for Nativity Set.
     The Ox, the Nativity set must have an Ox. I search and searched and found one. YAY! 
I used "Mikey The Bull" a crochet pattern by Mindy Lenox, modified it only a bit but very happy with it.
I used a smaller hook and fingering weight yarn. Love it!          
Thank you, Mindy

     Sheep, it must have sheep, what would a Nativity be without sheep. 
Sarah Zimmerman of "Repeat Crafter Me" came to the rescue with her Lamb Mobile, of coarse, I used an even smaller hook and about a size 3 or 5 thread type yarn, did that make sense? Anyway, I did once again modify the pattern. They are still cute. Toooo cute.   
Thank you, Sarah

Ok, that's all for August, are you bored yet?
I have more and we are only 9 days into September.
Here goes only a couple more I promise.

September 2016 Project

     Camels, the Wise men got there some how. 
I was very impressed with the work up on these camels. Pattern was very good even worked with smaller hook and yarn, didn't distort and looked really good.
The pattern: Canal Crochet
I think it is in Spanish but the designer has English and French translations. 
If you know how to crochet, you got this.

Here is the set together

Now a little something just because I liked the pattern.

First, I need to show off my stitch markers, most are beads left from bridals and formals I've worked in the past.
Love them, why did I wait so long to make them.

Last but not least, 
this small lapthrow.

The center piece is a square from "Look at what I made" 
The pattern can be found here: Charlotte 
It is a beautiful square and just had to finish it with some of the roses from Sophie's Universe, part 7
Very pretty piece.
 Thank you, Dedri

Hoping to share a stable I am working for the Nativity set. 

A work in progress,

All of the patterns at the time of this posting are good links and FREE.
I am not responsible for broken or forbidden links.
I'm just sharing what I do in my spare time.

til next time

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Monday, April 25, 2016

My crochet Jane & The Dragon

Many may not understand my obsession with
Jane and the Dragon.
She is a young lady in waiting that wants to be a Knight.
She has a dragon that has choosen her to be a pet or the other way around,
whichever the case may be, they are a team.
I have made this doll before
and find it will make a good doll for the Jane I want.
The pattern is free and can be found here: (but it is written in russian or turkish)
or here
I worked the feet a little different to look like the shoes Jane wears.

Worked the legs as if they are they leggings she wears.

Not finished but put together,
I used extra clothing from another doll I worked.
I'm not a fan of naked dolls

Hubby said "She has no hair".
I worked this Poncho for an 18" doll and needed a model.
Poncho pattern can be found here: Poncho for You and Me
No hair, no problem, The hat pattern can be found here: Walking the dog.
I am now working another doll to keep from trying clothes on my original
Jane doll.
She's coming along.
Going through stash yarn looking for just the right color and weight for the layers Jane needs,
Found the gray and filament thread yarn for her side shields.
Working them in a crocodile stitch.
I am looking forward to the finished project.
Oh the dragon, yes the dragon, I 'm considering this pattern,
Not much else
God Bless and Keep Thee
til next time
~ ~

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


the Feasts of The Three Kings
And on the Twelfth Day of Christmas,
the Three Kings, (Wise Men)
had come to the place of the birth of The King of Kings,
Jesus Christ.
I had always wanted a Nativity Set and love to crochet. I found this set online and was fascinated with it, it has no faces, which to me symbolizes the respect to the 4th Commandment of the 10 Commandments of the Holy Bible.
4.) "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."
I know they are dolls, even the Amish do not put faces on their dolls.
I worked the 3 wise men from the same free pattern as the Joseph, just used different weights of yarn and kinda winged it. I love the way it all came together.
Maybe I will work some sheep, and a stable in the future. I began working a camel but didn't like the way it was working up. Maybe I can find a camel pattern I like in the next year and add it.
This is the pattern I used, which is simple and cute. Crocheted Nativity Set
Just a little notable about this day.
Epiphany, the Feasts of The Three Kings
Epiphany is celebrated 12 days after Christmas on 6th January (or January 19th for some Orthodox Church who have Christmas on 7th January) and is the time when Christians remember the Wise Men (also sometimes called the Three Kings) who visited Jesus.
Epiphany is also when some Churches remember when Jesus was Baptised, when he was about 30, and started to teach people about God. Epiphany means 'revelation' and both the visit of the Wise Men and his Baptism are important times when Jesus was 'revealed' to be very important
Some Churches celebrate use Epiphany to celebrate and remember both the visit of the Wise Men and Jesus's Baptism
Epiphany Eve (also known as Twelfth Night) marks the end of the traditional Christmas celebrations and is the time when you were meant to take Christmas decorations down - although some people leave them up until Candlemas
til next time,
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Clownfish lapghan

Hello Everyone,
I had a request to give instruction about a baby clownfish I worked a few months ago. I'll do my best but I just kinda "flew by the seat of my pants", which I hardly ever do but here goes:

Someone else's pattern was my inspiration,
you can find it here: SHELL SLEEP SACK AND CAP

The fins, again, inspiration from another pattern.
of coarse I added touches to the ends of the fins.

I used a G  ~ 4.00mm hook, or size that works with the yarn you are using.
Stashed yarn that had been gifted to me.

Working in ROWS, not rounds, well not yet. lol

I worked from the top ~ down, it is worked in a shell stitch,
5 double crochet in the same stitch, make the shell.

I chained as many as I needed to fit around the baby and worked my shell stitches until I was comfy with the number of shells worked in the chain, then took the shells out and began working the rows.

(Then, making sure I had enough chain stitches for the shells.)

          Row 1.) single crochet in the back humps of the chain, to the length needed for baby cocoon.
          Row 2.) chain 2,  Double crochet in the top of last single crochet of previous row, and in each single crochet across. (ch 2 does not count for anything here, other than turning)
          Now begin working in the shell stitch
working about 1 ~ 7 rows in orange.
cut yarn, when you have as many rows as you like for the look you want.
join black yarn and work 3 rows in shell stitch
cut yarn,
join white yarn and work 5 rows in shell stitch
cut yarn when you have as many rows as you like for the look you want.
join black yarn and work 3 rows in shell stitch.
cut yarn
join orange, work 2 rows, in shell stitch, next, join as to begin working in the round.

DISCLAIMER: I must admit, I relied heavily on the pattern 
 Clownfish (nemo) Cocoon style blanket  to work most of my cocoon and the SHELL SLEEP SACK AND CAP  for the hat and shell stitches  link above
from this point I just kinda winged it until I got what I wanted.
Checked out shell decreases with youtube videos, like this one.

About marker 29:49 she shows you how to join the work for rounds, if you continue to watch, she will also show you how to decrease your rounds and how to attach the tails and fins.

Like I said: I do nothing by myself.
I can not take credit for anything other than what my 2 hands are able to create.
And with the blessings of God I am able to do that.

Wishing All of you the VERY BEST in the New Year, wow 2016, can you believe it?

not much else,
like everything
most is trial,
the rest is error.
God Bless & Keep Thee
til next time

~ ~


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Years worth of Handiwork updates

2015 is almost in the books but not without some much accomplished works.

I worked Mermaids and Sharks for grandkids Christmas. That was fun.
Just 3 of 6 that I worked.


Also made a Flaming skull bag.
Pattern from Spider Mambo
Worked a pair of finger mittens for the Hubby to use while hunting.
Even a Spiderman for the youngest Grandson
Many other projects just way to many to post.
Seems as though it is time to say Good-bye to another year.
Looking forward to visiting with all of you in the New Year.
Merry Christmas
God Bless and Keep Thee
til next time
~ ~

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sophie's Universe

Post update;
She's finished

I have never worked a Crochet-along before, someone posted this on Facebook and thought I could catch up and I have.
I have so much yarn in storage, older yarn some from the 1970's, only a skein or 2 of colors, enough to at least make a round.
The designer has said this is halfway through the work.
You can find the crochet-along here: sophies-universe-cal-2015
A 20 week adventure. I'll need to yarn shop after this.
Well maybe.
Then again I may need to work another to clear more yarn.

Hope all is well in your Universe.

til next time
 God Bless and Keep Thee
 ~ ~

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gingerbread House

This is funny.

     I was so pumped, wanting to make a Gingerbread house for Christmas 2014, okay, I'm blaming life and the things that happen in life keeping me from finishing.

I found a pattern back in October 2014  and worked it to this point by Nov. 6, 2014

Still wondering how I would make this work, I decided to work the roof, hoping I could make the "what can I do with this yarn". Nov. 09, 2014.


By this time I was trying to figure out how to add the plastic canvas and just where I had stashed the clearance find.
Dec. 5, 2014 Found the plastic canvas and attached it but the house wouldn't stand like it should, found some foam board left from other projects, measure twice, cut once! Safety pins to the rescue. Now to figure how to keep the foam board house from collapsing, duct tape? Maybe.
Worked a roof from foam board, also crocheted a backing for shingles to slip over the roof panels.
We are on the downhill with a few days left to Christmas. Worked the front door, still needs attached.
Sizing up the roof. Dec. 6, 2014, still time.
Well this is how far I got still needs finished.
December 16, 2014
I put it away for now, yep, it's February 2015 but Christmas 2015 is only a few months away.
You can find the Gingerbread House at this link, Gingerbread house - free
Be aware, this project will take some time and patience. The foam board instructions are not included I took it upon myself to cut them to the measurement given.
Good Luck, as you can see, I'm still working it.
til next time,
~ ~