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Jamming months of handiwork into a single post cuz I'm busy, 
jamming handiwork. lol
August 2016 Project

Like most folks my age, we have lived long enough we like the handiness of running to the basement or laundry room and working up some dirty clothes and drying them at our leisure. 
Oh, the bucket, we use powder, sometimes, and have these leftover, with the craft room so close to the washer, just made sense to use the bucket for yarn and the smell is awesome.
Even better if you take it with you to crochet or work a project, no need to worry about spills, getting dirty or losing something if to place the lid on it.

Next Project August 2016

Crochet Ox and Lambs for Nativity Set.
     The Ox, the Nativity set must have an Ox. I search and searched and found one. YAY! 
I used "Mikey The Bull" a crochet pattern by Mindy Lenox, modified it only a bit but very happy with it.
I used a smaller hook and fingering weight yarn. Love it!          
Thank you, Mindy

     Sheep, it must have sheep, what would a Nativity be without sheep. 
Sarah Zimmerman of "Repeat Crafter Me" came to the rescue with her Lamb Mobile, of coarse, I used an even smaller hook and about a size 3 or 5 thread type yarn, did that make sense? Anyway, I did once again modify the pattern. They are still cute. Toooo cute.   
Thank you, Sarah

Ok, that's all for August, are you bored yet?
I have more and we are only 9 days into September.
Here goes only a couple more I promise.

September 2016 Project

     Camels, the Wise men got there some how. 
I was very impressed with the work up on these camels. Pattern was very good even worked with smaller hook and yarn, didn't distort and looked really good.
The pattern: Canal Crochet
I think it is in Spanish but the designer has English and French translations. 
If you know how to crochet, you got this.

Here is the set together

Now a little something just because I liked the pattern.

First, I need to show off my stitch markers, most are beads left from bridals and formals I've worked in the past.
Love them, why did I wait so long to make them.

Last but not least, 
this small lapthrow.

The center piece is a square from "Look at what I made" 
The pattern can be found here: Charlotte 
It is a beautiful square and just had to finish it with some of the roses from Sophie's Universe, part 7
Very pretty piece.
 Thank you, Dedri

Hoping to share a stable I am working for the Nativity set. 

A work in progress,

All of the patterns at the time of this posting are good links and FREE.
I am not responsible for broken or forbidden links.
I'm just sharing what I do in my spare time.

til next time

~ ~


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